Nafath Workshop edition 2: Redefining Digital Experience: Roles of Next Generation User Interfaces to support People with Disabilities

Submission status: Open
Paper Submission Deadline: 18 March, 2024
Notification of Acceptance: 3 April, 2024
Final Paper Submission: 18 April, 2024
Workshop Date: 22 April, 2024
Publication in Nafath Newsletter Date: 27 June, 2024       

The second edition of Nafath Workshop is dedicated to addressing the field of accessibility of advanced User Interfaces (UIs), which are central to shaping the future of human-computer interaction. We invite researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to contribute their work and insights, helping to forge a path toward UIs that are intuitive, inclusive, and empowering for all users.

Topics of Interest:

The list of topics includes, but is not limited to:

  • Voice Recognition Systems for Accessibility
  • Tangible User Interfaces
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality as Tools for Empowerment in Disability
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces
  • Accessible User Interface Design
  • Adaptive User Interfaces
  • Multimodal Interfaces
  • Evaluating Usability of User Interfaces for People with Disabilities
  • Universal Design in User Interfaces Development
  • The Role of AI in Enhancing Accessibility through User Interfaces
  • Gesture-Based Interfaces
  • Wearable Technologies for Disability
  • Cross-Cultural Perspectives on UI Accessibility
  • The Future of Inclusivity in User Interfaces
  • Social Implications of Advanced UI Technologies for Individuals with Disabilities