Call for Papers

First Edition of Majlis Nafath: Interdisciplinary Synergies: Pioneering Advances in Assistive Technologies and Digital Accessibility

The first edition of Majlis Nafath seeks to highlight transformative research and innovation at the intersection of multiple disciplines, all aimed at advancing assistive technologies and digital accessibility.
Submission Status: Closed

Second edition of Majlis Nafath: Roles of Next Generation User Interfaces to support People with Disabilities

The 2nd edition of Majlis Nafath is dedicated to addressing the field of accessibility of advanced User Interfaces (UIs), which are central to shaping the future of human-computer interaction. We invite researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to contribute their work and insights, helping to forge a path toward UIs that are intuitive, inclusive, and empowering for all users…
Submission Status: Open

Majlis Nafath Edition 3: The Rise of Cutting-edge Tools for Autism and Learning Hurdles

The third edition of Majlis Nafath aims to explore and discuss the latest advancements in cutting-edge tools designed to address the challenges faced by individuals with autism and learning hurdles. This workshop aims to foster collaboration, share insights, and promote innovative solutions that can make a meaningful impact in the field.
Submission Status: Open

Majlis Nafath edition 4: The Role of Digital Accessibility in Shaping Resilient and Inclusive Smart Cities

The fourth edition of Majlis Nafath aims to explore the intersection of digital technology, urban planning, and accessibility to create smart cities that prioritize resilience and inclusivity through digital accessibility.
Submission Status: Open