Instruction for Publication

The main rules and requirements for publication in Nafath can be summarized as follows:

    • Arabic and English are the two languages ​​approved in the magazine, and it is possible to submit in one of the two languages ​​only, and the center will work on the translation into Arabic or English.
    • The research must fulfill all the main contents of any scientific research that conforms to the rules of academic writing, including: the title of the study, the summary, the introduction, the study problem and its questions, the objectives and importance of the study, the study method, the body of the study from main and sub-headings, conclusion and recommendations, sources and references, and finally Tables and appendices – if any.
    • The research should consist of a maximum of 4-8 pages.
    • Paper must follow the Nafath template. Click here to download the template in Word format.
    • Nafath newsletter requires the publication of original research that has not previously been used or published in any of the previous journals.
    • Nafath newsletter requires that the research ethics be followed during its preparation and preparation to be accepted for publication therein.
    • Nafath newsletter is interested in publishing research papers related to research and innovations in the field of ICT Accessibility and assistive technology.
    • Follow the APA style for the references section and ensure that the list of references is arranged alphabetically.
    • The researchers submit two copies of their research, one in word and the other in PDF.