Assistive Technology Innovation Program: A Milestone For Qatar’s Entrepreneurship

Assistive Technology Innovation Program: A Milestone For Qatar’s Entrepreneurship

Research article Open access | Available online on: 10 November, 2019 | Last update: 10 November, 2019


Volume 6

Issue 02

Assistive Technology Innovation ProgramMada is bringing the domestic IT private sector entrepreneurship into a new dynamic by launching an   Innovation Program fro the Assistive Technology field, aiming to combine multiple sources of funding   and raise the standard for the whole AT market in the Arab world. We see it as a national priority for the   technology development in our region, and many markets around the world have shared this bold vision.

The Assistive Technology Center has a progressive and ambitious approach when targeting the market   dvelopment: first, to set a new market standard through relating the domestic AT industry to the best   practices around the world and second, to enhance the lives of PWD’s in Qatar and the Arab world.

The most logical step to take right now is to link all the existing sources and stakeholders from the   Assistive Technology market in Qatar. Therefore, we will provide a mechanism to ease the process of how   the AT products and services reach the local market.

Then, we will look beyond the borders and seek the   support of potential local and international entrepreneurs interested in developing Assistive Technology   solutions for the Arab market.   Where will the money come from? Mada sees a combination of funding programs, such as Competitions   and Tournaments, Incubation Centers and Direct Awards.

Competitions   and Tournaments  

First, we will target individuals and entities   looking to develop a proof of concept for a   potential idea relevant to Assistive Technology   products/services. Then, Mada will introduce   AT Award Segments within existing ICT related   competitions and tournaments (e.g. Arab Mobile   App Challenge, Microsoft Imagine Cup, and   others), and fund the AT Segment related prize

Incubation Centers  

Such incubation centers are a business catalyst tool for our industry. They could not only attract funds but   drive a lot of attention towards Assistive Technology, therefore we will first target   individuals/entities who already have a proof of concept for a potential idea relevant to Assistive   Technology products or services. Mada will iIntroduce the AT Award Streams within existing Incubation   Centers (ICT Qatar Incubation Center, Qatar Business Incubation Center, etc.) in Qatar to incubate entities   with a potential idea relevant to Assistive Technology products/services. Then, we should provide funds to   the Incubation Centers to support and incubate entities relevant to the AT Industry. It’s a straightforward   and efficient proof of concept.

Direct Awards  

There are many existing prototypes   belonging to already established   entities. Mada will target those   business entities first, analyzing   their potential and relevancy to the   Assistive Technology market. The   way we see this avenue of funding is   to provide money directly to potential   established entities with relevant AT   product/service concept, because we   need to see these products catered   towards the local and Arab market.

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