Glassouse: An innovative way to control your computer

Glassouse: An innovative way to control your computer

Research article Open access | Available online on: 08 September, 2019 | Last update: 08 September, 2019


Volume 6

Issue 07

GlassOuse is a wearable Bluetooth mouse that sits on your face
like glasses. It has a built-in motion sensor that tracks
your head movements and mouse clicks are activated by bite/click switch in the mouth.
This allows for completely hands-free mouse access to the computer and all features
accessed by this, including an on-screen keyboard as required.

The V1.2 version launched in
February 2018 allows for three
options of switch control making
it even more adaptable for
persons with varying disability
and functional levels. These
options are Bite, Sip/Puff and
finger switch. While there are
other adaptive or alternative mice
available this has several unique
features that enable greater
access for people with specific
functional limitations.
For some people ergonomic
mouse to improve arm or forearm
position can facilitate greater ease
of use of the computer. Inverted
mouse or rollerball mouse can
bypass the need to move the mouse
around the table instead allowing it
to be used in a stationary manner.
However, for others with physical
disability they may not have the
ability to reach a tabletop, the
finger range or movement to move
a rollerball or the power to select
or press a button to select. For
these, the Glassouse requires only
slight movement of the head to
enable movement of the mouse
around the screen.
Other options like eye gaze are
also available to enable the use of
the computer with the eyes only,
however, this is a much more
expensive alternative and more
bulky. The Glasshouse is light,
wireless and small. It can easily
be brought anywhere with the
person and enables access to
standard computers in many

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