iOS 12: Enhanced Accessibility Features: Reviewed by Mada

iOS 12: Enhanced Accessibility Features: Reviewed by Mada

Research article Open access | Available online on: 08 September, 2019 | Last update: 08 September, 2019


Volume 6

Issue 07

Mada reviews the latest version
of the apple operating
the system launched the latest version of the
apple operating system was launched in
September 2018. This version introduced
new features that improve accessibility for
people with functional limitations.
New shortcuts have been introduced
for users using the VoiceOver feature.
VoiceOver is an accessibility feature builtin
to iOS. The feature supports blind and
visually impaired users to operate iPhone
and iPad.
Another area where iOS12 has made
feature enhancements are with personalized
‘Siri Shortcuts’ for improved voice access
for those who need to use their phone or
tablet on handsfree using voice commands
due to physical or visual impairment. Siri can
now automate actions via personalized voice
commands. Siri now supports users to record
their voice shortcut to launch custom
commands. This is helpful for persons with
functional limitations who can access a wider
range of functions through Siri using preferred
phrases. This can also help demystify the use
of Information Communication Technology for
elderly users who can use familiar phrases
instead of learning specific terminology.
The Measure App allows the measurement
of objects in front of the phone for those with
disability who cannot handle a measuring
tape or ruler due to physical or learning
disability. The app uses augmented reality
(AR) to measure length using the back
the camera of the device. This can also be
impactful for students in Math to access
the curriculum better when the use of a
measuring ruler is involved.
In the control centre, a new feature called
“Live Liste”n can be activated to turn the
AirPods into an audio amplifier by directly
transmitting sounds picked up from devices
(e.g. iPhone, iPod, iPad, etc.). This can help
users hear a conversation in noisy areas and
across short distances. It can also help those
with mild hearing loss augment their hearing
and better respond to their environment.
In iOS12 the Magnifier feature can be accessed
in the control centre and can, therefore, be more
easily turned on and off. Additionally under
Accessibility, the vision section now includes
a button allowing transparency of the background
images to be reduced thus improving the clarity
of the image.
Overall the accessibility feature
enhancements introduced in iOS12 raised the
bar on mainstream devices to have built-in
capabilities to cater to the needs of people with
disabilities. Hopefully, this could propel the
integration of accessibility features within the
ICT industry and lead to an improved quality of
life for people with varying abilities (e.g. elderly
and persons with disabilities)

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