Seeing Style Apps for the Blind: One Step for the Independent Outdoor User Journey

Seeing Style Apps for the Blind: One Step for the Independent Outdoor User Journey

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Research article Online Open access | Available online on: 20 January, 2020 | Last update: 28 October, 2021

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Volume 6

Issue 12

Seeing Style Apps for the BlindWhat is Seeing Style Apps for the Blind?

Along with the growth of technology, the smartphone industry has continued to deliver amazing innovation and provide the best features which would be useful for its customers. In addition, the industry has also seen these circumstances as a great opportunity to invent something that benefits any type of customer.

The latest innovation has arrived along with how smartphones have opened the entryway to a universe of potentials, far beyond what we could have envisioned years prior. While smartphones are regularly used to speak with others, stay aware of social media life, and perform only some easy tasks, nowadays, smartphones have established certain innovations with a purpose to enable accessibility and usefulness to the blind and the visually impaired. With the assistance of a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, the blind people now have the capability to virtually “see” and, subsequently, gain self-independence.

How can AI enhance the Quality of Recognition?

Artificial Intelligence or AI seems like it does not want to be left behind in this context. Optical Character Recognition or OCR devices are experiencing a calm revolution as goal-oriented software suppliers have combined OCR with AI. As a result, data catching software is concurrently catching data and understanding the content. In simple words, this is defined as the fact that AI devices have the capability to check for failures autonomous of a human-user giving streamlined issue management.

Most pictures captured with customary sensors require preprocessing, as they might be misfocused or comprise an excessive amount of noise. Filtering as well as edge detection are two of the greatest widely recognized techniques that can be utilized for both preprocessing and handling digital images. The ways that AI enhance the quality of recognition are mentioned below:

  • Filtering is utilized for improving and altering the image information. With the assistance of various filters, you can accentuate or diminish certain highlights in a picture, diminish picture clamor, etc.
  • Edge detection is utilized for picture division along with the extraction of data. By identifying breaks in brilliance, this strategy finds important edges of the objects in prepared pictures.

Seeing Style Apps

Nowadays, there are many seeing style apps that have launched and are available for the blind and visually impaired individuals. The reason is individuals with visual impairments also have a right to take part in consuming the latest technology. Thus, these apps have increased their independence and allowed them to stop relying on the help of others in their daily activities. Some famous seeing styles apps that available these days are:

  • Microsoft Seeing AI

This app is designed specifically for the blind and individuals with weak vision, this project attaches the supremacy of AI technology with a purpose to make it easier for in the user to recognize people, objects, text, color, and currency.

Actually, Microsoft Seeing AI is a research project that conveys the supremacy of the cloud along with AI to provide an intelligent app which is intended to help the user perform daily activities. All they need to do is point the phone’s camera, choose a channel, and then listen to a description by AI, which has recognized things around them.

Furthermore, Seeing AI can speak brief text detected by the camera in the real time, offer audio direction to capture a printed page, and recognize, as well as describe, the text with its original configuring.

  • Envision AI

As its name suggests, Envision utilizes the support of Artificial Intelligence to recognize people and objects in the surrounding area. This helps the blind and weak vision individuals since this app is also able to recognize scenes and environments. By applying carefully curated sets of data, exceedingly progressive AI, and supported by cultured engineering, this application allows human imaginative insight to be accurately amplified and directed.

  • Google Lookout

Google Lookout also uses the support of AI to identify people and objects via the smartphone’s camera. Furthermore, this app has the capability to read text that appears in signs and labels, scan barcodes, as well as recognize some currencies.


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